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Everythings up to date know.
Please visit this site.
The Naruto Manga & Episodes isn't up to date though.
Go to the Contact Me page and click on the link to e-mail me if some link is broken or some problems. Thanks.

Everythings up to date know.
Please visit this site.

Sorry people, I haven't really put new downloads on.
So here are two downloads.

On this site you can find mangascans, episodes, and everything else awesome about Naruto.

I'm currently building this site so many features won't really work. But mangascans should be out by the end of the week.


Sharigan Prediction of the Day: Wow a lot of people are going to my site thanks!

-Kakashi Hatake

Go to portal for downloads!

Latest Naruto Manga Chapter

Chapter 316

Naruto Manga Chapter

Download Chapter 313 Now Click Here!

Download Chapter 314 Now! Click This Link.

Thanks to Naruto Central for manga downloads. They give me a lot of Naruto stuff. Go there know at


Mangakyou Implosion!
-Kakashi Hatake